Jean Pierre NONAULT, Acting Director general
Jean Pierre NONAULT, Acting Director general


The Directorate General of National Financial Institutions, under the authority of its Director General assists the Minister in the discharge of his duties in the area of national financial institutions.


The Directorate General of national financial institutions is made of:

  • 6 operational directorates at the national level:

    • The Directorate of credit institutions and institutions ranking as such;

    • The Directorate of micro-finance;

    • The Directorate of Insurance;

    • The Directorate of regulation and litigations;

    • The Directorate of service control;

    • The Directorate of administrative and financial affairs;

  • And relay municipal directorates in the regions.

All directorates benefit from a daily logistic support:

  • From the executive secretariat, charged with the management of correspondence, data processing and reprography and treatment of other administrative documents.

  • From the computer service which defines computer needs, organises technical resources on computerised sites and manages the exploitation, maintenance and assistance of applications.


The Directorate General of National Financial Institutions is specifically charged with:

  • Ensuring the regulation of the national financial system and safeguarding of savers deposits;

  • Promoting modernisation, diversification and safeguarding of payment methods;

  • Following up activities of national financial institutions;

  • Participating in the orientation and coordination of policies relating to the national financial system;

  • Promoting the extension, diversification and national implantation of credit institutions and institutions ranking as such;

  • Ensuring the application of regulations on credit institutions, on micro-finance institutions and on insurance companies and intermediaries;

  • Ensuring the promotion of the insurance sector;

  • Examining requests for accreditation from credit institutions, micro-finance institutions andinsurance companies and intermediaries;

  • Contributing to implementation of the finance sector’s development strategy;

  • Elaborating and implementing measures aiming at stimulating, mobilizing and promoting savings;

  • Promoting the savings collection policy;

  • Contributing to the creation and development of financial markets;

  • Controlling micro-finance activities;

  • Managing relations with international insurance bodies;

  • Carrying out actions relating to the promotion of the micro-finance sector;

  • Ensuring training on insurance;

  • Contributing to the fight against money laundering and the funding of terrorism.