The Ministry is in charge of the policy initiated by the President of the Republic in the areas of economy and finance.

The main lines of its field of action:

  • In terms of public finances: the study of the resources, expenses and accounts of public authorities, and the development of precise rules which govern the financial and accounting actions of public actors (establishment of budgets and accounts, collection of taxes, Execution of Expenditure, Controls);
  • In economic matters: carry out impact studies which make it possible to steer the Government's economic policy and participate in the monitoring of multilateral convergence and the program of economic and financial reforms of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC )

Its main tasks:

  • economic, financial and monetary legislation;
  • finance bills;
  • international financial relations;
  • economic and fiscal reforms;
  • development programs with bilateral and multilateral partners;
  • government indebtedness;
  • promote domestic and foreign direct investment;
  • studies on economic forecasts.