Communication Unit

Alain ANDELY, Head of the Unit
Alain ANDELY, Head of the Unit


The Communication Unit is the body that implements the Ministry's communication strategy. It ensures the internal and external communication of the Ministry through the visibility of its image, actions and credibility.


The Communication Unit is directed and run by a Head of Unit, who has the rank of Central Director. In addition to the Head of the Unit, it comprises :

  • A Press Officer ;

  • Two Assistants.


With the agreement of the Minister in charge of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, the Head of the Unit may call upon outside expertise, at the national or international level.


The Communication Unit is in charge of :

  • Contributing to the design and implementation of the Ministry's communication policy ;

  • Coordinating the development of communication plans for the Ministry's Central and Directorates General;

  • Designing, on behalf of and in conjunction with the Ministry's Central and Directorates General, communication or information media ;

  • Managing the Ministry's relations with the press;

  • Preparing a daily press review for the Minister;

  • Ensuring the regular updating of the Ministry's web platform, publishing reports on activities and official texts;

  • Supervising the animation of the Ministry's social network accounts;

  • Ensuring the monitoring of information disseminated by all natural or legal persons and by the media on the activities of the Ministry;

  • Providing public or private press organs with reliable information on the Ministry's activities;

  • Establishing a written and audio-visual press archive on the Ministry's activities;

  • Carrying out surveys on the impact of communication actions implemented by the Ministry;

  • Carrying out all other necessary actions in the field of communication.

Source : Arrêté n° 5028/MFBPP-CAB du 1 juillet 2022