E.g., 07/14/2024
E.g., 07/14/2024
23 May

Working session between the Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance and representatives of the Cabinet Centerview Partners

Thursday May 23, 2024 in Brazzaville, Mr. Jean-Bapiste ONDAYE, Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance, had a working session with the Centerview Partners Cabinet, led by its Managing Director, Mr. Hamouda Shekir. The two parties discussed a “debt-for-nature swap” operation, linked to questions of financing development objectives and the climate transition, as well as issues relating to the preservation of biodiversity.

04 Apr

Communication from the Minister of Economy and Finance

Thursday April 4, 2024 in Brazzaville, Mr. Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, Minister of Economy and Finance, made a communication to the Directors General of financial authorities and establishments under supervision. The purpose of this communication was to immerse its collaborators in the exercise of the journey towards the quest for better performance in the economic and financial governance of the Congo.

22 Mar

Annual conference on the programming and implementation of the activities of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (2024 edition)

From Thursday March 21 to Friday March 22, 2024 in Brazzaville, the Ministry of Economy and Finance organized the first annual Conference for programming and implementation of its activities, in the context of the pilot implementation of Budget management of the State in program mode. The work was opened and closed by Mr. Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, responsible minister, assisted by two Government colleagues concerned by this implementation. In this case, MM.Ludovic NGATSE, in charge of the Budget, public accounts and public portfolio, and Gilbert Mokoki, Health and population.

25 Jan

1st edition of AFBOS in the CEMAC zone in Brazzaville

Thursday January 25, 2024, at the Grand Hôtel de Kintélé (north of Brazzaville), Mr. Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance, opened the work of the first edition of Africa Finance Banking & Digitalization Summit ( AFBDS) or African Summit of finance, banking and digitalization in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), in the presence, in particular of some members of the Government and those of the diplomatic corps, leaders of institutions sub-regional communities (BEAC, BDEAC, COBAC), representatives of technical and financial partners, as well as general managers of banks.

15 Jan

Cabinet meeting

Monday January 15, 2024, in the meeting room of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in Brazzaville, the head of this department, Mr. Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, had the first official contact meeting with his appointed Advisors , a few weeks ago, according to the requirements and rigor of Results-Based Management (RBM).

28 Dec

Continued establishment of BSCA.Bank in the Republic of Congo

Thursday, December 28, 2023, the Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, opened to the public the Agency of the Sino-Congolese Bank for Africa (BSCA.Bank), built at number 725 bis from avenue de l'OUA in Bacongo (2nd district of Brazzaville)

23 Dec

Closing of the sale operation of the Congolese subsidiary of the Société Générale Group to the Congolese State

Saturday December 23, 2023 in Brazzaville, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, Minister of Economy and Finance, representing the Congolese Government, and Mr. Gilles de Gasquet, representing the Société Générale Group, signed the sale agreement for SG -Congo (Congolese subsidiary of the said Group) to the Congolese State.

24 Nov

Official installation of the National Director of the BEAC

Friday, November 24, 2023 at the headquarters of the National Directorate of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) for the Republic of Congo, in Brazzaville, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, Authority Congolese monetary institution and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, officially installed, in his position as National Director of this sub-regional financial institution, Mr. Serge Dino Daniel Gassackys, of Congolese nationality.

10 Nov

Towards Results-Based Management (GAR) in Congo

The Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, chaired, Friday November 10, 2023, in the meeting room of the said ministry, a working session with members of his cabinet, expert consultants, directors attached to the cabinet and the general directors of financial authorities.

22 Sep

Financial inclusion

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, inaugurated the BSCA-Bank branch in Poto Poto (3rd district of Brazzaville) on Friday September 22, 2023. In the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Agricultural Bank of China, Gu Shu, and the General Director of BSCA-Bank (Banque Sino Congolaise pour l'Afrique), Wang Shenghong. This ceremony was marked by the unveiling of the inaugural plaque and the cutting of the symbolic ribbon. The construction of this building cost 987 million FCFA, for all the work, and provides support to the City Center agency.