Swearing in of public treasury agents

42 Public Treasury prosecutors take oath at the Brazzaville High Court
03 May, 2023

Wednesday May 3, 2023 at the High Court (TGI) of Brazzaville, 40 Prosecuting Agents (out of the 42) appointed by Memorandum No. 0180 of April 28, 2023 from the Minister of Economy and Finance, took the oath. The solemn hearing, in which the 1st President of the Supreme Court, Henri Bouka, took part; the Public Prosecutor at the TGI of Brazzaville, André Oko Ngakala; the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye; and the Director General of the Treasury, Albert Ngondo, was led by Aristide Elenga, Acting President of the TGI, assisted by two judges: René Blaise Boyama and Henri Lauric Abia Ombondzo.

In accordance with Order No. 5171 / MEF-CAB of April 28, 2023 of the Minister of Economy and Finance, in its article 1, the 40 Agents reporting to the Prosecution Directorate of the General Directorate of the Treasury, some of whom are Principal Inspectors of the Treasury and other Administrators of the SAF (Administrative and Financial Services) raised their right hands to take the oath formulated as follows: “I swear to fulfill with moral probity and dedication the duties of my function, to comply in this regard with the laws and regulations in force and to carry out the missions entrusted to me, with integrity, discretion and professionalism.


Now considered as Judicial Police Officers (OPJ) with specialized skills, they have, among other missions, to prosecute or summon people suspected of violating criminal law; to control the services identified for the recovery of State revenue; to access all information useful and necessary for the accomplishment of their task, with the exception of that marked “state secret” or “defense secret”; to travel to the scene of the commission of the facts; to seize the objects used for this purpose; to take control of oneself; and to receive denunciations.


Prosecutors must refrain from engaging in bad practices or anti-values, such as corruption and embezzlement.

Otherwise, legal proceedings will be initiated against them and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed on them by their administrative hierarchy.

Those sworn in were encouraged to achieve the results expected by the Government which placed its trust in them to meet its responsibilities.

Note that this public and solemn session benefited from the observations of the Public Prosecutor, representing the Public Prosecutor's Office, Jickel Mbongo Okoyo, and the presence of the Chief Registrar, Norbert Bantivai. The pleading was provided by the Attorney at Court, Joyce Maixent Binengo Moulengo, representing the President of the Brazzaville Bar, Eric Christian Locko.


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