The Loandjili Tax Office in Pointe-Noire inaugurated

28 May, 2022

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Anatole Collinet-Makosso, inaugurated the Loandjili Tax Office in Pointe-Noire, in the 4th district, on Saturday 28 May 2022. In the presence of the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, Ludovic Ngatsé, representing the Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, Rigobert Roger Andely; the Prefect of the city of Pointe-Noire, Honoré Mpaka, and the political, administrative and military authorities.


Speaking at the ceremony, Ludovic Ngatséa said that he had translated into action a strategy based on two pillars, namely buildings and digitalization. 

The first pillar is the construction of the Tax Office, which is part of the modernization of the working conditions of tax and treasury officers. The tax administration contributes more than 70% of non-oil revenue to the State budget and local government budgets. ‘’The fact of grouping together in one place the services of the Tax Department, the Treasury and the Postal Bank of Congo (BPC), which is responsible for collecting state revenue, will make it possible to limit fraud and corruption, while at the same time guaranteeing security, transparency and traceability’’, Ludovic Ngatsé said. He added that ‘’with this transparent system, taxpayers, especially 'small taxpayers' in the informal sector, should no longer complain about their money being diverted by the issuance of receipts that do not include the amounts actually paid’’.The second pillar concerns digitization. The second pillar concerns digitization and digitalization. ‘’The basic material conditions for digitalization having been met, the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio will continue its efforts in: training executives; improving applications such as E-TAX; NIU and SIGFIP’’, he said.

To the staff and taxpayers, the Minister Delegate in charge of Budget, invited them to increase their performance and strengthen the influence. ‘’This building must be maintained in all responsibility to keep its shine. As your working conditions are improved, the budgetary revenues of the State and local authorities should also improve. Among the actions to achieve this, there is the census of taxpayers to have a reliable, transparent file, shared among all interested parties’’, he underscored.

‘’The development of a single taxpayers' file, whose use will be facilitated by the new NIU, the digitization measures will allow the State and local authorities to better develop the fiscal policy’’, he concluded. 

Let us recall that ten tax offices have been built, namely, 3 in Pointe-Noire (Mpaka, Tié-Tié and Loandjili); Bouenza department (1 in Nkayi); Lékoumou department (1 in Sibiti); 3 in Brazzaville (Makélékélé, Mfilou and Talangaï); Cuvette department (1 in Oyo); Sangha department (1 in Ouesso)


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