Conference of Directors General of Customs for the West and Central Africa Region

The 26th Meeting of the Committee of Experts Opens in Brazzaville
23 May, 2022

Three speeches were delivered at the opening, Monday, May 23, 2022, in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo), of the 26th Meeting of Experts of the Conference of Directors General of Customs of the World Customs Organization (WCO) for the West and Central Africa region (WCA). This meeting was held under the theme ‘’Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Customs by developing a Data Culture and a Performing Ecosystem’’. 

The first speech delivered by the Director of the Regional Bureau for Capacity Building (BRRC), Abdel Kader Sangho, circumscribed the relevance of the themes. ‘’As Experts, we are in a better position to deepen the reflection undertaken in the region, in order to come up with relevant and above all concrete recommendations, with regard to the objectives assigned to this region, namely: exchanges around the various Activity Reports; general policy issues; budgetary issues and technical issues’’,he said. He added that ‘’during the work, we will have the opportunity to exchange on the developments and challenges of the region, but also the sharing of experiences of the Secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAF) and regional economic communities’’.  

The second speech was delivered by the Regional Coordinator, Njebi Vincent Kwalar; and the third by the Vice President of WCO-WCA and Director General of Congolese Customs, Guénolé MbongoKoumou. The latter called on all member administrations of the West and Central African region to focus on ‘’the harmonization and modernization of Customs procedures in order to facilitate the cross-border movement of goods, while effectively combating all forms of illicit trafficking; the promotion of human resources management based on skills and the computerization of HR departments in our administrations; and, finally, the strengthening of transparency and accountability with regard to the missions of the Financial and Audit Committees’’.

During two days of work, Experts will follow the Presentation of the evaluation of the implementation of the recommendations of the 26-27th DGD Conference and the 1st budget session; the Presentation of the assessment of the implementation of the Regional Strategic Plan (RSP III) 2018-2022; the presentation on the Status of the regional structures and the examination of the draft Memorandum of understanding on the BRRC; the Presentation of the draft scale of contributions 2023; the Presentation of the draft scale of sanctions...


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