3rd and 13th Editions of the Competitive Entrance Examination and Test for the CEMAC Inter-State Customs School

One hundred candidates registered for Congo
23 Oct, 2021

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October 2021 in Brazzaville, a hundred Congolese candidates participated in the 3rd and 13th editions of the competitive entrance examination and test to the Central African Economic and Monetary Community's Inter-State Customs School (EIED-CEMAC) for the private training of customs agents, controllers and inspectors.

This competition (open to customs officers or interns) and this test (reserved for non-customs officers or externs) were organised simultaneously in the 6 States of the sub-region (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Guinea and Chad). The tests were launched by the CEMAC Representative in Congo, Placide Alfred Iloko. Candidates selected for the entrance exam to this school presented themselves in the room with a receipt of payment of the participation fees, namely: 10,000 F CFA for the levels of Controller and Enforcement officers, and 15,000 F CFA for the Inspectors.

General Knowledge was the first paper, followed by the Customs Paper for the Enforcement Officers and Controllers. While the inspectors were tested on Public Finance, Economy and Integration Law.  

The Director of Human Resources and Training (DRHF) of the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, Jean Marie Montsagna encouraged candidates to do their best to be successful. For her part, Mrs Celestine Dibert-Bekoy, Permanent Trainer and Delegate of the EIED to supervise the competition and test in Congo, said that “the number of admissible candidates is expected to be 6 places per level and per State. Inspectors will be trained for 15 months, controllers for 11 months and enforcement officers for 10 months”.

The tests were launched by the CEMAC representative in Congo, Placide Alfred Iloko.

It should be noted that the temporary headquarters of the EIED-CEMAC is located in Dibloho (Equatorial Guinea), and that these competition entrance examination and test are organised by this school every year. 


The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance

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