Seminar to review and validate State cash management optimization tools

The participants adopt a roadmap for the centralization of State commitments and revenues
11 Jan, 2023
Athanase Ngassaki, Chief of Staff, representing Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, Minister of Economy and Finance, opened, on Wednesday January 11, 2023 in Brazzaville, the work of the seminar on the examination and validation of tools for optimizing the government cash management. In the presence of the Directors General of the financial authorities and representatives of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC), as well as the Postal Bank of Congo (BPC).
The objective of this seminar was to renovate the information system of the cash management framework, in order to improve its monitoring and performance.
The agenda of this session focused on the presentation of the cash management tool and the performance of tests based on actual data from 2022; the review and validation of the draft ministerial decree on the responsibilities, organization and operation of the Cash Management Optimization Unit; review and validation of the data exchange protocol; designation of focal points; and the development of the roadmap, with a view to implementing the tools.
The participants were first informed about the new cash management tool. This tool centralizes revenue and expenditure forecasts and actuals, with a view to determining net cash. To this end, they carried out tests on real data.
Then, they examined and amended the draft ministerial decree on the powers, organization and functioning of the State Treasury Management Optimization Unit. They suggested that this Unit ensure the Technical Secretariat of the National Treasury Committee (CNT).
Similarly, the participants proposed that an instruction from the Minister of Economy and Finance define the procedures for transmitting data to the Unit. However, a data exchange protocol may be signed between the Minister of Economy and Finance and the National Director of the BEAC.
While waiting for the designation of focal points by the officials of the administrations concerned, the participants have drawn up and validated a roadmap for the implementation of this reform. This provides, in particular, for the continuation of exchanges with a view to stabilizing the tool; the signing and publication of the ministerial decree; and the establishment of a working group responsible for reflecting on the automation of the system for centralizing and forecasting State receipts and disbursements.
Finally, the participants welcomed the implementation of the said reform and encouraged the Government to facilitate its completion.
This reform obeys the vision of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, who wishes "to have precise information on the overall level of commitments, receipts and disbursements of the public treasury, in order to avoid a sight navigation”.
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